Kimwitu´s Sweet Cup Cake
Malmö show Exellent 2018. Hässleholm 2018 Exellent

Kincha´s A Star Is Born
Malmö Int. 19/3-2017
BOS, Exellent. CK. CACIB

Malmö Int. 18/3-16
BOB Exellent Ck CAC Cacib
And she was two in the gropp
Bea is no  SEUCH & DKUCH  Champion.


Kincha´s A Star Is Born
Denmark 5/12-15
Exellent, Ck, Cac.Second in the best of bicth.
Exellent typy basenji girl, very feminin in the head, lovely dark almondshaped eye,
correct era set, correct bite,very elegant body, correct bone with good feet,
Lovely tailset, has a very pliant skin, moves with elegancy and alert,
good strides, good temperament.

Int. Danmark Hilleröd 20/9-15
Dkuch & Such Faraoland Saga Zulu
 BOB Kopenhagen vinner veteran. Exellent, ck.

Int. Danmark Hilleröd 20/9-15
Kincha´s A Star Is Born
Exellent  ck, r-cacib 3:a best of femal.

SSUK Höganäs Sweden 13/9-15
BOB Kincha´s A Star Is Born & BOS Shahrans Fizzy Bubble in Intermedion konkurrans.       

BEA Best In Show Two in the intermedion class.

      Beas kritik:Good dark eye. Good head not overwinklad.
Good front with exellent reach of neck. Good bone allover.
Nice front strarght legs.Good reas hinderquarters with correct angulation.
Exellent on the move with exellent steping over.

Svenska Basenji Specialen 2015
Faraoland Saga Zulu
Two in veteran class Exellent, Ck. Two in  vet,10+ and best of feet.

Kincha´s A Star Is Born "Bea"
Exellent, Ck, 3:a in intermedion class.And she get best of head to.

Int.Tvååker 10/6 2015 Sweden.
BOS, exellent, ck, cac, cacib.

Nat. Tvååker.11/6 2015
3:a Medionclass, exellent, ck,4:a best og breed.


Kincha´s A Star Is Born.
Int. Hässleholm Maj 2015.
 Exellent Ck, Cac, Cacib.The second best of femel.


Int. Hässleholm Maj 2015:
BOB veteran, Exellent, Ck, the second  best of breed.

Kincha´s A Star Is Born"Bea"
Malmö Int,.29/3 2015
The second in  junior class
Exellent.Ck, R-cert and second best of bitch.



Kincha´s A Star Is Born"Bea"
BOS puppy in Malmö 2014.

Int. Hilleröd.
Faraoland Saga Zulu BOB veteran
Köpenhamns vinnare veteran, 3 best of male
Domare:Rui Oliveira, Portugal
Lovely head,very nice shape exc.front nice quaters,
exc toplain and movements.

Int Hilleröd 20/9 2014
Bea BOB -valp 7,5 month
 Lovely head,wellbalanced on the leg.
exc. shoulders and neck nice forechest, good
tailcarringe and movements.

Kincha´s A Star Is Born"Bea" 4,5 month.
The Swedens  special in Norrköping 6/6 2014
Faraoland Saga Zulu the second in vet.class and get exellent.


Kincha´s The Striped Fighter in USA.
He is now U:S:A Champion.

Fighter Mars 2014.

Two BOB place this weekend.Fighter & Karen in the final Group Line up
winning his 2nd Group 3 placement this weekend at the shws in Owensboro KY.

Fighter was on show 29-1 September
and he was 2 ggr Winner Dog and R-Winner Dog.

Fighter was Winner Dog and BOS(Best of opposite sex to breed)
He earned another 1 pt. towards his CH titel. 8/ 2013.

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